Feb 09, 2011

The important goal

Hi friends,

today, I'm writing you from Atlanta, USA. At 2:00am MET I'll have an international against FIFA World-Cup participant Mexico. I really do hope for a good match so that I can go home satisfied.

I'm especially motivated of course after we won the second Bundesliga match in a row. We perfectly continued against Kaiserslautern where we left off against Schalke and showed them right away that we are the home team and we'll do everything to win the match. Fully deserved we took the two goal lead after Gylfie scored in the 28th and Sebastian in the 40th minute. Everything seemed like this would be an easy task to claim the points and a few people may have thought this way...But in the Bundesliga you can never ever write somebody off till the final whistle blows and have to stay concentrated. Nevertheless, I rarely experienced an emotional roller coaster like I did in these four minutes. Kaiserslautern got one back and scored the equalizer within two minutes and the course of the game was suddenly turned upside down. But I fastly converted the frustration productively and scored the decisive 3:2 and my sixth goal in this season.

On Saturday we have an away match at Allianz-Arena against the big FC Bayern München. For this match it needs no motivation tricks, I just have to remember the legendary match in December 2008. I'm also really looking forward to meet Luiz Gustavo again!

So please keep your fingers cross for my match tonight, and wish me luck so that we can maybe win our third match in a row in Munich.